HOMO is first and foremost a reminder of the uniting message, “Everyone is Homo.”

Systems and establishments around us have consistently tried to insulate and protect us from a word that is rightfully ours to claim as people, for no other reason than perceived offense. And we are over it.

We believe in the essential sameness that the word “Homo” implies, combined with our stubbornness to accept no for an answer. We exist today to short-circuit language, and we start by reclaiming and reframing Homo as a positive.

In addition to everything we are doing to give this movement lift, we are serving a range of essential items for the proud, impassioned Homos that share the same gut-feelings that we do. Homos who don’t agree with the slanderous intent of ignorant immorals. Homos who recognize that being Homo is more than who or how you care to love. Homos who embrace that as humans we all share the same DNA.

Homo was born in the heart of the southern United States, Atlanta, Georgia, during an era of harmful divisiveness and cultural back-stepping. We are a team of impassioned Homos ourselves, with an average age higher than your typical "style brand" would care to admit. So we make our clothing and products with intent, raising consciousness around the all-encompassing identity of Homo.

So much in the world of identity politics is around identifying and owning difference, whether within our ranks or in opposition to others. It’s time to change those politics and shift the dial forward. Interested in helping us reset and evolve what Homo means? Be Homo.